Workshop TW 7 at CAG 25 in Dar es Salaam

Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC)

Friday, 15th August 2014



Welcome and Introduction

Kristine Asch, BGR Germany, CGI: Overview

Welcoming Address by the IUGS

Roland Oberhänsli, University Potsdam, Germany, IUGS President

GIRAF Steering Committee

Mesfin Gebremichael, SEAMIC: Statement from the GIRAF Steering Committee

Activity Reports by GIRAF Ambassadors

Rosemary Okla, Geol. Survey Ghana: The Geoscience Information in Africa Network (GIRAF), Ghana Chapter

Terence Ngole, Geol. Survey Tanzania

Geoscience Information Issues and Geological Surveys

Terence Ngole, Geol. Survey Tanzania: Overview of Geological Mapping Progress and its Associated Challenges in Tanzania

Kwame O. Boamah, Geol. Survey Ghana: Planning, Implementation and Introduction of Information Management Systems (IMS) in the Geological Survey of Ghana

Ayobami Akanbi, Geological Survey Agency, Nigeria

Masota Magigita, Geol. Survey Tanzania

Geoscience Information Issues and Associates/International Organisations and Projects

Mesfin Gebremichael, SEAMIC: Geoscience Information issues in Africa – international organisations and projects

Jeremy Webb, AMDC, Ethiopia: Africa Mining Vision and Geological Information

Andreas Barth, BEAK Consult: Implementation of the Geological and Mineral Information System (GMIS) at the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST)

The Role of Geoscience Information at Universities

Gbenga Okunlola, University Lagos, Nigeria: Role of Geoscience Information at Universities - Nigerian Developement

Next GIRAF Events

Danie Barnardo, Council of Geosciences, South Africa: The IGC in 2016 in South Africa

Salvador Mondlane jr.: GIRAF Workshop and Learning Event 2015 The next GIRAF Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique