A short overview on the results of the GIRAF-AEGOS-OneGeology workshop in Johannesburg on 12. January 2011 at the CAG 23 meeting

The workshop was an excellent opportunity to exchange information about the status of all 3 initiatives/projects, to investigate common goals, opportunities of cooperations and plan our further milestones and proceeding. The workshop was attended by around 30 participants and for GIRAF the workshop proved to be most useful:

  1. All participants were informed about details of the AEGOS and OneGeology projects.
  2. The differences between the GIRAF network and the AEGOS project were made clear (AEGOS and GIRAF: communalities and differences (PDF, 123 KB))
  3. The Commission for the Geological Map of the World expressed their interest to use the GIRAF network to help creating a new Geological Map of Africa at a 1 : 5 million scale
  4. The GIRAF workshop was announced for December 2011 and the CGI announced financial support
  5. The possibility of short courses, e.g. on GeoSciML and/or mapping were discussed
  6. With pleasure it was noted that 11 new members signed up to the GIRAF network:

The OneGeology workshop component began with an update on the strategic, scientific, technical and cultural aspects of the project. A lively discussion followed which focused on improving access to data services from African nations, the reasons why this was proving a problem, and how that may be tackled. The reasons and ideas put forward will be considered by OneGeology management and technical groups at their next meetings and we hope that discussion will generate action to see an increase in African participation and data services soon.