Workshop Agenda

Download the full workshop agenda here.

About the Workshop

This workshop brings together the three complimentary initiatives of OneGeology, AEGOS and GIRAF to provide Geoscientific information and developments in Africa.

The Global Perspective


OneGeology is a global initiative of the geological surveys of the world. Its aims are to make geological map data accessible via the internet to all; exchange the know‐how to enable all nations to contribute; and to improve interoperability using the web language GeoSciML. This workshop will be presented in three parts; the first session will provide an overview of the OneGeology initiative, an update on progress to date, and how to participate and register your geological map information. Part two will be a technical session detailing how to prepare your data, WMS and WFS services and how to serve your data following the ‘Cookbook’. The final part of this workshop will allow opportunity to share experiences and feedback.

The Africa Perspective


AEGOS is the African‐European Georesources Observation System. The purpose of this international project is to design and set up a pan‐African spatial data infrastructure (SDI) of public, interoperable geology‐related data about metallic / industrial minerals, groundwater and geothermal energy. All geological surveys,
geoscientific research communities and authorities in charge of the management of underground natural resources are concerned by and invited to participate to the building of this distributed architecture. Along with user‐oriented products and services, AEGOS will foster and strengthen the sustainable use of georesources in Africa. This continental observation system will provide support to a wide range of end‐users: policy‐makers at all geographic levels, development agencies, private sector actors, geoscientific communities as well as education, research and civil society.

This workshop will present the achievements of AEGOS phase 1, i.e. the design of this new SDI for Georesources in Africa in terms of architecture, standards, reference model, data, products, services and interdisciplinarity with other thematic African and global SDIs (e.g. OneGeology). The second session will cover the capacity building issues related to the development of such an infrastructure on the continent. The third session will promote the project phase 2 and the extension of the network of participants in view to
implement the operational AEGOS.

GIRAF – The Future Perspective

GIRAF is an initiative to stimulate the adoption of appropriate information and communication technology (ICT) in the geological surveys of Africa and to help build the pan‐African geoscience knowledge network. We held our inaugural meeting in Windhoek in March 2009 and attracted almost 100 geoscientists from 30 countries (26 of them African countries) and heard reports of the varying degrees of development of ICT capacity across Africa. A second meeting is planned for Tanzania later in 2011. The workshop at CAG23 is designed to raise awareness of GIRAF amongst the broader geosciences community in Africa and to collect input and ideas that could support the project’s goals. The GIRAF network will discuss and review the scale of the task ahead based on national reports from the Windhoek meeting and highlight successes (and failures?) since then in mobilising the necessary resources and the self‐help network.