GIRAF Mission:
Support that knowledge-based geoscience information contributes
to improve the environmental & economic prosperity of the people in Africa.

The Aims of GIRAF are:

  • Build a pan-African geoscience information knowledge network of geological surveys, universities and companies. 
  • Exchange and share geoscience information and good practice.
  • Bring together relevant African authorities, national experts and stakeholders in geoscience information.
  • Make Africa a more active part of the international geoscience information community.
  • Stimulate and support cross-border geoscience information projects in Africa.
  • Gather and review up-to-date feedback on the actual situation of geoscience information status and progress in Africa.
  • Review the progress of the GIRAF network as set up at the 1st workshop in Namibia 2009.
  • In the long run improve the way geoscience information contributes to improve the health and prosperity of the people in Africa

News & Upcoming Events



Dear Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to connect with you once again since the announcement of the postponement of the 36th IGC. The preceding months have been a herculean challenge to the team-36th IGC due to the unforeseen situation forced by Covid-19 pandemic. But true to our commitment, we have worked relentlessly in the background to ensure that the 36th IGC is held in its full glory. The world is still grappling with inventing the vaccine against the corona virus. Our heart goes out to all those who lost their lives as well as the frontline warriors who have risked their lives so that the others live. But as they say - the show must go on. After a critical assessment of the ground situation, the Local Organizing Committee, 36th IGC arrived at the conclusion that the most ideal dates for holding the Congress would be 16-21 August 2021.

For further information please visit  https://www.36igc.org/